Major Paint Correction

We understand just how annoying issues with your paintwork can be, which is why we offer a major paint correction service. You can view our previous work on our website if you would like to see some of the jobs we have tackled for satisfied customers.

How is a major paint correction different to a minor one?

As part of our major paint correction in Retford, we will undertake all of the steps detailed in our minor paint correction wash. However, this service will also include texture removal (orange peel) in order to give you true clarity. This orange peel can be removed by only taking off 3-4 microns of clear coat. We can also deal with any fisheye correct, runs, drips or sinkage that you may have, ensuring that your paintwork issues are corrected to a very high standard.

What will the cost be?

When it comes to major paint correction, no two jobs are the same, and as such, we will need to see your vehicle to be able to give you an accurate quote on both cost and time. If you would like a quick quote, please contact us.

What’s included

  • Includes everything in the minor paint correction
  • Fisheye correction
  • Texture removal (orange peel)
  • runs drips sinkage all catered for

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