Maintenance detail

If you want to keep on top of the care of your car or another vehicle, then a maintenance detail in Retford is the best way to do this. Our package has been carefully planned to keep your whole car looking as good as new.

What is a maintenance detail?

A maintenance detail includes all the steps of a maintenance wash (our other services can be seen here) but offers additional protection for your vehicle.

We will apply a tar/fallout remover to decontaminate your paintwork and then, following a careful drying procedure, apply a silica protection such as Carpro Reload, which will boost the coating of your car. The interior of your vehicle will be hoovered and cleaned, including the windows and the plastics dressed. The exhaust tips will also be polished.

How long does a maintenance detail take?

Our car detail takes approximately 3 hours to complete and will cost from £65. You can contact us to get a quick quote. We recommend that you do this every 1 to 3 months.

What’s included

  • Includes everything in the maintenance wash
  • Put application of fallout remover/ tar remover to decontaminate the paint work
  • Interior is cleaned and hoovered Windows cleaned, and plastics dressed
  • As maintenance Wash
  • After finishing drying procedure protection topped up with silica coating EG. Carpro Reload this boosts the coating.
  • Exhaust tips polished

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